driven by hope
drowned by mankind


  • Someone made a music video with scenes from Requiem Of A Dream using our song Save Me. You can find it at VIDEOS
  • You can order our CD at Bandcamp
  • The show with Ash Code was absolutely fabulous. Thanks to all involved.


  • Feb 15 - Augsburg | city club
  • Nov 01 2018 - Berlin | Griessmühle
  • Nov 02 2018 - Freiburg | Slow Club
  • Nov 16 2018 - Darmstadt | Oetinger Villa (+ ROSI)
  • Jan 11 2019 - Frankfurt | Nachtleben (+ Ash Code)
  • Feb 02 2019 - Freiburg | private
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    Putting into music what cannot be put into words about the Syrian civil war: This is what the Freiburg-based singer Nogood Luna and producer Björn Peng do. The two found together for their own band project after the successful collaboration on the Track „At Night“ on Björn Peng‘s 2014 album, Dark Rave (Anette Records): Totengeläut is a summary of what Nogood Luna experienced while working with Syrian refugees in the Turkish border region and other places: sorrow and despair – This is what the album title, „Aleppo“, stands for.

    Tracks: 1. Haram | 2. Ashes | 3. Save Me | 4. Deprived | 5. Hole | 6. Love Me | 7. Siblings | 35 min. | Released nov 2nd, 2018. | Anette Records, RAS Records, Nakam Rec.

    Aleppo Cover - Released by Anette Records

    Limited Edition

    Aleppo. Clear vinyl. Stamped and hand numbered. Limited to 200 pcs. Comes with booklet and sticker.

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    Aleppo Cover - Released by Reach Another System Records

    DIY Edition

    Aleppo. Black vinyl. Stamped records. Hand numbered. Limited to 100 pcs. Comes with booklet and sticker.

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    Aleppo MC Cover - Released by Nakam Records

    Tape Edition

    Aleppo. White tape with approx. 2 x 35 min. Side A = side B.

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    Aleppo print bundle


    Aleppo. Digital Bundle: 5.9" qualtiy print on forex (light plastic foam). Including download, booklet and small givaways.

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    • +49 159 0102 7467
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